Family Meeting Place
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Monday, 15 December 2008 15:59

Family Meeting Place


Having a family meeting place can make the difference in a fire in your home. Having a family meeting place helps everyone know which family members are safe, and which members may be trapped inside. Read the following information to help your family plan a family meeting place.

* Talk about fire drills with your family. As a family decide what would be a good meeting place.

* When deciding on a meeting place, think of something that does not change in your yard. You want to choose something that is always there, and does not change. You would not want to choose a car or something that moves. Some good examples are: tree, mail box, sidewalk, stingiest, etc.

* Your family meeting place needs to be something in your front yard, so that the emergency service workers can locate you when they arrive.

* Make sure that everyone in your family knows where your meeting place is.

* Once your family has made it to the meeting place, count to find out how many family members are safe. When emergency workers arrive, let them know that everyone is safe, or let them know what family member is missing. This information will help the fire fighters.

* If a family member is missing, let them know where that family member might be located in the home. This information will help the fire fighters locate possible victims.

* Make sure you mark your family meeting place on your escape plan you draw.



Information taken from NFPA resources and web site



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