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Holiday Fire Safety
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Monday, 15 December 2008 16:55
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Holiday Fire Safety

The holiday season is a time where home fires are quite prevalent. There are many fire hazards that arrive only during the holiday season. Take a look below to find out some ways to help keep your family safe during this holiday season.

* When making Halloween costumes, avoid using flimsy material or paper, these types of material ignite easily.

* Have children carry flashlights instead of candles.

* When purchasing store bought costumes, check to see that they are labeled "flame retardant or flame resistant".

* Use flashlights instead of candles to place inside jack-o-lanterns.

* Some fireworks are legal for armatures in some areas, but you need to use extreme caution when using them. Do not let children use fireworks for any reason. Only attend professional firework shows and stay at least 500 feet from the staging areas.

* During Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year's, be careful of using candles. Home fires from candle use have almost tripled over the past few years. When you leave a room blow out all candles. Place candles on a non flammable surface to help reduce the risk of a fire. Do not let pets or children near candles. They may tip them over resulting in a fire. Keep all wicks of candles trimmed down to 1/2 inch or less.

* When using a fresh Christmas tree, be sure to find one that is not loosing its needles. A tree that is shedding its needles is too dry and could cause a fire hazard.

* Water your live tree daily and keep it away from fireplaces and heaters.

* If you purchase an artificial tree, be sure it is labeled "fire resistant or flame retardant". Read all warnings carefully. Never put electric lights on a metal based tree, this causes a shock hazard.

* Replace all loose bulbs in Christmas tree lighting. Only purchase lights that bear the name of an independent testing lab to ensure that the lights have been properly tested.

* Always unplug Christmas tree light before leaving your home or going to bed. Automatic time out switches and timers can be purchased to do this.

* Keep holiday packages away from heaters and fireplaces. The paper in these items can cause a real fire hazard.

* Be mindful when you are at holiday parties. Check to find emergency exits and know the best way out of a room in case of a fire.





Information taken from NFPA resources and web site


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